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The DZone Most Valuable Blogger (MVB) Program

What is the MVB program?

The MVB program gives you a platform to reach an audience of developers and software enthusiasts. Enjoy the recognition you deserve while leaving the tedious tasks of editing, promoting and moderating to the DZone team. The program simplifies the process of publishing selected blog articles by MVB members onto DZone's network of development-focused editorial websites. Through this process, our MVBs enjoy substantially increased visibility and our audience enjoys great content.

The Process

MVBs give DZone permission in advance to publish tutorials and articles from their blog onto our Curated Topic Portal pages. Obviously, we can't use all your content, but the more quality blog posts you write about topics relevant to our audience, the more likely you are to be frequently reposted. Every MVB article on DZone provides a link to the original post on the MVB's personal blog and is posted under the MVB's profile with their picture prominently displayed on DZone to fully credit their work.

So why should you join?

Let's turn to our resident expert on the MVB Program, DZone Employee and Content Curator John Esposito:

"Blogging is easy, but getting heard is really, really hard when you don't even exist if you're not on the first two pages of a Google search.

Plenty of sites (including ours) do offer social link sharing, which can certainly help promote your content a little. But even under crowdsourced review, the most excellent article can easily drown in an ocean of mediocre and/or irrelevant obscurity, leaving your blog's success a little too much to chance.

But DZone is different. Our curators maintain Zones on specific topics, hand-picking the best and most relevant content to feature prominently in a narrowly-focused feed. We work hard to keep our content awesome -- and our readers know it. If your post appears in one of our Zones, you're guaranteed that hundreds of people will see it. Often, it's thousands. That's the kind of speech-amplifying power that we offer to our MVBs."

John Esposito, Content Curator, DZone

There you have it. DZone makes it easier for you to have your voice heard. And since DZone is known for picking great content, your articles reach our audience with a fresh "DZone Stamp of Approval." Now let's take a look at some of the benefits that come with being a DZone MVB.

MVB Benefits


The MVB Program is a great opportunity to develop a following and gain recognition for being a leader in your field of expertise. This gives you a chance to be a leader in the conversations and ideas that emerge on DZone and it also gives you a greater chance of getting noticed by others for opportunities within your field.


MVB status on DZone includes a featured picture and bio on our Meet the DZone MVBs page. Profile pictures of recently reposted MVBs are also shown in a small sidebar section that appears in all of our Zones. We've also got a shiny web badge you can display on your blog as a symbol of your elevated status in our community.

Promotion of Social Channels

In addition to the profile picture and developer bio, MVBs also have the option to include a link to their Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and GitHub accounts at the top of every one of their articles that get republished!


Your content will receive substantial visibility across DZone's network of editorial websites that receive more than 3 million pageviews every month. We help drive traffic to your content by placing links along other relevant content throughout our network.


MVB status can also increase traffic back to your blog as well as your Google page rank. Since DZone links back to your original blog, we are basically helping to build your SEO links for free.

I get traffic from the site, people are following me on twitter, people are following me on RSS...I would like to thank your team.

Hod Benbinyamin: DZone MVB

Unlike Reddit or Hacker News, DZone actively promotes its writers. If your articles do well on the social media/voting side of their forum, they invite you to join their network, which I have found very helpful.

Gary Sieling: DZone MVB

I would like to thank DZone for helping me reach more people with my posts - giving me more valuable feedback from readers around the world. As long as you keep reading, I'll keep writing!

Anders Abel: DZone MVB

More Opportunities

As a DZone MVB, you'll become one of the topical experts that DZone will turn to first when we look for Refcard and sponsored content authors.

Jos Dirksen has been a DZone user for years and was chosen to author the Jetty Refcard  in part because of his status as a DZone MVB.


We love rewarding our MVBs with cool stuff they can use. Swag items may include:

  • T-Shirts
  • Notepads
  • Printed Refcardz
  • Stickers
  • Shotglasses
  • Hats
  • Mouse and Mouse Pad
  • Water Bottle
  • Flyer Frisbee

The more you get reposted, the more swag and toys you'll earn. So get to posting and start earning that sweet, sweet swag.

We Do the Work

Not only will our editorial staff post the best content from your blog, they'll double-check it for grammatical and spelling errors while also formatting it to look its best on our site. Imagine getting recognized without having to post anything yourself!

Join Today!

Joining our MVB program is simple and easy. To be considered, just email our Editorial Staff, who will review your blog content and respond as soon as possible.

Don't Forget... THE BADGE!

Already an MVB? Save this MVB badge and put it on your blog to show off your MVB status!

Still have questions? Check out our MVB FAQ's page.

Join Today!

Joining our MVB program is simple and easy. To be considered, just email our Editorial Staff, who will review your blog content and respond as soon as possible.

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