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The DZone MVB FAQ Page

Join Today!

Joining our MVB program is simple and easy. To be considered, just email our Editorial Staff, who will review your blog content and respond as soon as possible.

We'd be delighted to hear from you:

General comments

Email: feedback@dzone.com
Phone: +1.919.678-0300 x2

Problem Reports:

Please use the support suite, thanks!

Advertising Sales

Email: sales@dzone.com
Phone: +1.919.678-0300 x1

DZone, Inc.
150 Preston Executive, Suite 201
Cary, NC 27513 USA
Tel: +1.919.678-0300
Fax: +1.919.443-1110

Will other DZone members know that I'm an MVB?

Yes. All MVBs have MVB status on DZone. Other members will see you as an MVB on your profile, the Meet the DZone MVBs page, and all of your articles. 

Why do you need a photo of me?

We encourage our members to add a photo to their DZone profile to help create a more sociable online environment. Since DZone is a community-driven network that aims to facilitate meaningful discussion amongst industry peers, it is beneficial to put a face to a name.

Profile pictures are especially important for MVBs to have because it is DZone policy not to publish content unless the author has one.

What other roles might be available for me in the DZone community?

In addition to the MVB program, there are several ways in which you can participate on DZone:

  • Browse through the new links tab on DZone Links often to vote for links that you like - this helps get the topics you feel strongly about onto popular links!

  • Share your comments on DZone Links or on articles posted to our zones.

  • Subscribe to DZone Refcardz to learn about new issues as soon as they're published!

  • Join the DZone Review Team to get free tech books to review for our Book Zone and to get early access to all of our upcoming Refcardz.

  • Are you a published book author? We may want to partner with you to create an upcoming Refcard! Email us for details.

  • We are also always looking to add dedicated Zone Leaders to our team. If you want to become a go-to source for expertise in your field, writing original content for DZone regularly is something we should talk about. Email us to inquire.

How can MVBs help promote DZone?

When you become an MVB, the best way to show off the program is to post a mention about it on your blog.

Save this MVB badge and put it on your blog to show off your MVB status!

You can also spread the word by telling your peers about it at the office, user group meetings, and conferences.

Does DZone provide blog hosting?

Yes. DZone provides blog hosting on an invitation only basis at developerblogs.com. To be considered, send an email.

Can MVBs publish articles on other sites?

Yes. MVBs are free to publish their articles on any sites they like. Your agreement as an MVB simply gives us permission to publish your articles on our network of editorial websites.

Who is DZone's audience?

Our audience is comprised of over 3 million senior developers, architects, designers, project leads, and decision makers working across a diverse range of industries. We also have more than 650,000 registered members. Each month, this audience visits our network of editorial sites over 6 million times.

Do I have to do anything to get my articles published?

No. We ask nothing more from you than to continue writing quality blog posts. DZone will take care of the rest of the MVB process to drive increased visibility to your selected work. However, most MVBs gain greater status and rewards by participating in discussions on articles, posting and voting on DZone links, and adding more of their content on their own (which you can always do!)

What do I get for being an MVB?

While we do not offer monetary compensation to our MVBs, we do give their writing and expertise significant exposure throughout the software development community. MVBs also enjoy elevated status on DZone, a feature on our Meet the DZone MVBs page, and the chance to earn DZone swag. For the full list of MVB perks, go to our About MVBs page.

Will I be notified when my articles are published on DZone?

Yes.  Our system will send a notification to the email you have in your profile when something is posted under your account.  Sometimes these articles will come with a launch date on the notifications if they aren't launched immediately. On your profile page, you can see all of your articles that have been published on DZone and how many comments that have been posted to them by our members. In addition, each of your articles lists the number of reads it has received at the bottom of the post.

How do I track comments?

We also send you email notifications whenever someone comments on your DZone article.  This way you can keep track of any conversations, questions, and responses for your article.

Are you going to republish everything I write?

No. DZone will most likely not use every article that you post to your blog. Some will be relevant enough to post and others will not.

Who selects which articles will be published?

Zone Leaders and Curators. Our Zone Leaders and Curators are familiar with the interesting topics in various fields.  They ensure that fair and honest views are voiced, and that the community gets the information they need in one reliable location.

Where on DZone will my articles be published?

Depending on the topic of your article, it will be selectively posted on different zones. Our editorial zones include Javalobby, .NET Zone, Agile Zone, Web Builder Zone, Eclipse Zone, Mobile Zone, Server Zone, Cloud Zone, SOA Zone, Architects Zone, and more areas such as the Microzones.

Will my articles be published under my name?

Yes. Every MVB article on DZone provides a link to the original post on the MVB's blog and is posted under the MVB's profile on DZone to fully credit their work.

Join Today!

Joining our MVB program is simple and easy. To be considered, just email our Editorial Staff, who will review your blog content and respond as soon as possible.