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Agile Tour comes to London

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The Wesley 81-103 Euston Street London, NW1 2EZ, UK

Friday 1st of November, 2013. Reserve this date now as you wouldn’t want to miss the London edition of the Agile Tour!

Whether you are an Agile Enthusiast, dedicated Scrum Master or an Agile Novice who simply wants to find out what it’s all about, the conference is for you.  You’ll have the opportunity to listen to great talks by some of the best in the Agile community, people you know from dzone:

Dror Helper, Allan Kelly, Giovani Aspron to name just the few.

You’ll also take part in exciting workshops including the famous coding dojo. However, Agility is not only coding nor is it just ‘project management’: it’s a general approach to projects.  We know this and that’s why we decided to cover a wide range of subjects from UX to DevOps.  

If you would like to find out more, please visit us on  Don’t forget to follow @agiletourlondon on twitter.

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