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Codeigniter multi language support using google translate API

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Hi friends,

This is Anil Kumar Panigrahi and this is my own contribution in Codeigniter framework. With using google translate API it is developed.

Mainly 2 advantage are there using this contribution. Uses of this contribution:

1) No Need to maintain all text in different languages in our application.

Clarification: In the multilingual support sites - we have text in English language. If we want to convert into different language we have to maintain other language text in our site. If we use this contribution, no need of maintaining different languages text in our site.

2) It supports 'n' number of languages.

Clarification : If we use normal multilingual then we can use it for 2 or 3 languages. If we want another language then we want to write complete text in that language. If we use this contribution, we can maintains 'n' number of languages.


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