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JBoss Data Virtualization Beta v6 is available!

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Introducing Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization v6.0 Beta!

JBoss Data Virtualization is the new name for JBoss Data Services. Key new features and capabilities in JBoss Data Virtualization v6 are:
  • New Big Data and Cloud Data Integration include support for Apache Hadoop, NoSQL - JBoss Data Grid and Mongo DB (Tech Preview) sources along with OData support (SAP integration) and (SaaS).
  • New Business Dashboard - quickly build reports and visualize data with the new business dashboard.
  • Enhanced Developer Productivity with new Teiid Designer 8 integrated with JBoss Developer Studio and DDL based Virtual DB definitions, import/reuse, and native queries support.
  • Simplified deployment and packagingincludes JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.  DV v6 does not require SOA-P.
Get started with Data Virtualization by following our Getting Started Video Series. Through the JBoss Developer Program the Enterprise product can be download from the Products page at and development use is free. Part 1 Getting Started with Data Virtualization
Part 2 Getting Started with Data Virtualization
Part 3 Getting Started with Data Virtualization Check out the press blog To learn more and Beta download visit: 
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