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A Must Do Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

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Wilson Cowden replied on Mon, 2013/03/11 - 6:58am

 Here are some guidelines to help:

# Research: Find bloggers and blogs that tackle similar subjects to yours. Google Blog Search should get you started.
# Outreach: Now that you’ve read and assessed some of the other blogs in your playing field, connect with them on Twitter, retweeting some of their content with a compliment or highlighting a salient point from the post (to show that you read it). After a while they may start to reciprocate or they may thank you for sharing. Connection made. Now you can send a polite and to-the-point e-mail asking if you might write a guest post for their blog. If your work is great – people will usually be happy to receive free content.
# Write Well: Once you’ve made your new contacts and agreed to an exchange of content, make certain that the posts you send to your guest-blogging partners are your absolute best work. No drafts. Everything proofread. You’ve succeeded in getting off the bench; now don’t blow it at the ten-yard line.
# Follow-up: Your guest blog is up? Great. Make sure you share it all over your social networks, so the host sees some immediate extra benefit from your followers. Track the comments and reply to every reader who comments or asks for more information. Build your reputation as a communicator. And be sure to thank the site owner with a personal note.
# Reciprocation: Give as you receive. Bring guest bloggers to your own site; provide the assistance other bloggers have provided to you. Reciprocity builds something bigger than a network: it builds community, which can help extend your reach as they will start to share the content they have written for you on their social networks.

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