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Adding Storage Capability to your Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac Apps using Microsoft SkyDrive APIs

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Developers can use the SkyDrive API to bring personal storage capability to any app, any platform, any device, from Andriod apps, to iPhone apps, to Windows Phone apps and to Windows and Mac apps. For more detail, read the Windows Team Blog post “SkyDrive APIs – Bring your data to any app, any platform, any device”.

  • Developers of Android apps can use the Live SDK for Android to build mobile and tablet apps that provide access to a user’s documents and photos in SkyDrive.
  • With SkyDrive for Windows and Mac, users can transparently cloud-enable their desktop apps without needing to customize the apps since the SkyDrive folder looks like a regular folder on the file system. This opens up literally millions of new possibilities for users.
  • In addition to the SkyDrive for iPhone and iPad, SkyDrive customers can also use any iPhone or iPad apps that use our SDK for iOS to integrate with SkyDrive. The SDK supports development using Xcode 4.1 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Xcode 4.2 on Mac OS X Lion.
  • On Windows Phone, there have already been dozens of apps that have taken advantage of our SDK for Windows Phone.

To learn more about the SkyDrive API, visit dev.live.com. You’ll find links to code samples on GitHub and overview docs, and you can also download our SDKs for Windows 8, WP7, iOS, and Android to simplify development on your favorite device platform. We also have REST APIs and a JavaScript API for web development.

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