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All New ‘ on Salesforce’ Update

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This week, we are releasing a new on Salesforce product that builds upon years of experience working with customers in the creation of Rypple and the current product.

This new release is built on’s industry’s leading cloud platform and integrates with the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and any other applications that run on

The on Salesforce application will be available to customers at the same price points as the current product Pricing and will also be available as part of the new Performance Edition (see Press Release here).

Customers who currently use will be upgraded to the new on Salesforce product starting early next year when you will be able to take advantage of many new and exciting capabilities, including:

  • The proven Salesforce enterprise application platform

  • Powerful real-time report and dashboard capabilities on all application data to more easily manage the performance process, spot trends, and share information with the right people in summary form

  • The ability to link goals to real-time data from any salesforce application to keep everyone up to date and aligned on the metrics that matter

  • Coaching to metrics so you can drive focus on the behaviors that create success

  • A new extensible user profile customers can use to share any type of information about team members with the company

Stay tuned for more information on the available timelines for these upgrades.  We’ll be in touch when it’s time to plan for your upgrade experience.

For more information on plans that we’ll keep up to date as these timelines get closer, please check out the “ on Salesforce FAQ” on the left-hand side of our Customer Chatter Group.

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