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Are you connecting the edges in your organisation?

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Interesting report below by the Aspen Institute.  It looks at how society can become more innovative by tapping into the power of online networks.  It discusses how these networks can disrupt the traditional institutions and how the fringes of our organisations are often where the interesting work is taking place.

It’s a fascinating document and well worth a read.

Here’s the official blurb:

The 2012 Roundtable on Institutional Innovation convened leaders to explore how organizations can stay atop today’s constant technological advancement. In the current economic environment, growth and underemployment are two outstanding national, indeed international, problems. While technological advances and globalization are often cited as instigators of the current plight, they are also beacons of hope for the future. Connecting the Edges concludes that by integrating the core of an organization with the edge, where innovation is more likely to happen, we can create dynamic, learning networks.