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Beyond “social” at IBM Connect 2014

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In what’s become a welcome annual break from the UK winter for me (though I might complain to IBM for the presence of rain this year), this week I have been hearing about IBM’s product roadmaps, collaboration and business strategy, and latest market positioning at IBM Connect 2014. The theme for this year was “Energizing Life’s Work”, with workforce engagement playing a major role across the whole event, influenced in no small part by the inclusion of Kenexa (which IBM acquired in late 2012) in the portfolio; indeed, the Kenexa World conference ran in parallel to the Connect event this year.

While it was far from being a taboo word during the event itself, it’s been interesting to observe the absence of the word “social” in the Connect 2014 theme and headline focus this year, and also the relative lack of focus on the Connections product which, while not completely absent (see below), was certainly not the main product in the spotlight, taking a backseat to – ironically, given the shift away from Notes/Domino in recent years – email, among other areas.

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