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Boost Your Company's Brainpower

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Do you know anyone at your company that you think is a genius? Each company has their own variety of geniuses and it’s important that their brainpower is unleashed in order to achieve business goals. Companies must engage employees to fuel innovation through the organization.

A social intranet acts as a hub for enterprise collaboration and communication that engages and informs employees. This allows silos to break down and the best thinking rises to the top. Innovative cultures are uncovered and energized through the functions of a social intranet.

This SlideShare will teach you how to boost your company's brainpower by:

  1. Connecting your people
  2. Finding and recognizing your Einsteins
  3. Brainstorming more effectively
  4. Capturing the ‘light bulb’ moments
  5. Taking action on good ideas quickly

If your company has uncovered tactics that help shed light on bright ideas submit them to be included in our eBook. Bonus: you'll receive a complimentary white paper with your submission!

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