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Can Video Help To Humanize Your Brand?

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I have spoken before about the importance of visual content. And the need to bring and emotion into our content marketing efforts.

But the world is now swimming in content and information. While we, as content consumers, are having fun creating, filtering and consuming all of this content that moves around the world in milliseconds, marketers and businesses are struggling. We are struggling in a growing battle for customer attention.

The era dominated by one-way, single-threaded, brand-directed mass communications is officially over. And yet most of the content and the messages coming out of businesses today is firmly stuck in the good old days. As marketing tactics have become less and less effective, businesses have responded by creating more and more promotional content that no one wants, no one likes and no one responds to.

Some of us are trying to change our approach to the way we tell stories. We’re trying to be more human, more authentic, more visual and even a little more informal.

Last week I saw a few videos from one of our teams that attempts to poke a little fun at ourselves. It’s an attempt to lighten up be more human, maybe even a little funny.

Many people have no idea who SAP is or what we do. So we conducted these interviews on the streets of New York City:

While SAP doesn’t stand for “Super Awesome People,” I thought this was awesome. The video was part of a series of informal interviews conducted during our sponsorship of Superbowl Boulevard.

Let us know what you think? Should we stick to the same old story or should we keep trying new ways to connect with you?

This article originally appeared on SAP’s Business Innovation.

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