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Can you crowdsource a constitution?

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With the parlous state of government in the US in recent times, there has been much discussion and debate about how best to run public services.  Whilst the US has a clearly defined constitution that outlines the philosophies by which government should operate, the UK has no such single document.

In a unique project, LSE’s Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and Department of Law are coming together with the LSE Public Policy Group and LSE Democratic Audit to pioneer the crowdsourcing of a new UK constitution to ask members of the public to participate in, advise on and eventually to draft a new UK constitution.

You can see more about the project below, with a clip from the first ConstitutionUK event.  It isn’t particularly clear at the moment how people can actually get involved in this process.  They have a website for the project, but in reality this is a selection of blog posts, none of which seem to offer an opportunity to get involved in the process.

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