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Chatter release a new mobile update

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Mobile has been a key platform for Twitter for some time now, whilst Facebook has been investing heavily in its own mobile applications.  Such moves are not restricted to the consumer market however.

This week has seen Chatter, the enterprise social network from release an update to its iOS and Android mobile apps.  The company has also announced some changes to the main application that will allow users to create and act on customer data from Salesforce via their Chatter feed on whatever device they choose.

It marks a significant development for Chatter, which was launched two years ago to target the rapidly growing enterprise social business space.

The first mobile version of the application followed shortly after, but it was a pretty basic affair, only allowing users to monitor their feeds and upload updates.

The changes to Chatter include:

  • Customer data from Salesforce to be accessible through Chatter
  • Create and edit information and notifications such as files, photos, polls, tasks, thanks, and more.
  • Act on updates centered around contacts, accounts, opportunities, campaigns, and custom records.

The aim is to ensure that Chatter is fully integrated into Salesforce and therefore all customers utilise the social business functionality, whether they're on the main CRM product or others such as

It represents a nice change from services such as Yammer, which still largely places the social aspect in its own siloed application.  With Chatter you are merging the social element with other core applications such as CRM, thus making it much easier to encourage social behaviours amongst employees.

The new mobile version is available now through Google Play and the Apple App store.  It's hoped that versions for BlackBerry and Windows Phone will follow shortly.