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Creating better internal connections with social business

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How many people do you know in your organisation?  Do you know who to turn to if you need expertise and assistance?  How many people are aware of the talents you have?

If you work in a large organisation then the chances are that your sphere of influence is fairly small and is often limited to those you come into daily contact with in your team and department.

IBM's Sandy Carter talks below about social business in her social coffee break.

Whilst that's fascinating, the notion of a social coffee break is what I find interesting.  There's a new service recently launched called Lunch Roulette As you'll have noticed, the name is very similar to the infamous Chat Roulette webcam service, and the service is similar.

Well, I say similar, it's not likely to provide you with an encounter with a half naked gentleman, but it will provide you with a steady stream of interesting people with whom you can have lunch and make new connections.  It's early days for this new service, but certainly one to keep an eye on.