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Daniel Debow & Annual Reviews

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In this exclusive interview, Inc. sits down with Daniel Debow, SVP here with us at, to talk about startups to performance reviews and everything in between. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the man behind Workbrain and – this is it.

How did you come up with the idea for Rypple? 

Before I started Rypple, I co-founded Workbrain, a company that grew to $100 million in revenue and 700 employees. Because I was young and new to most things I was doing, I was looking for feedback all the time. Plus, I am not always good at picking up on subtle social cues, so I got in the habit of asking people how I was performing. Even if it was difficult to hear the response, it was better to know.

At Workbrain, I started to see big problems with the existing process for getting and receiving feedback. The traditional performance review system was the worst of bureaucracy–even our human resources people hated it. The underlying philosophy was that people are bad, and the system tried to track what they were doing wrong. That was contrary to what I believe to be true. I believe in people and that people are, in general, good. In the right environment, people will do good things. I decided to find a better way, to create something that included not just negative feedback, but recognition.

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