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Email Wars - Misinformation and half truths

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There are a number of emails doing the rounds at the moment proporting to be an accurate representation of a comparison between Microsoft's Exchange Server 2013 and IBM's Notes Domino 9 Social Edition platform.

Now before I go on, let me state up front that I work for IBM after a very successful 14 year career with Microsoft. I am intimately familiar with both vendors, their strategies and product sets, and with a combined 24 years between the two company's I safely say, more so than most in the industry.

Both make good technology.

That said, that is where the similarities end.

Both differ markedly with their strategies and therefore in the capabilities and directions that they provide on email and associated collaborative technologies.

What I will do in this posting is firstly, explain my understanding of each vendor's email strategy.

Next I will use a copy of the table contained within these emails, but in this instance, correct the blatant inaccuracies in relation to IBM's Notes Domino 9 Social Edition.

For the life of me, I can not understand why Marketing personnel basically create such spam mails containing misinformation and half truths. At best, it causes people to go back to their existing vendor asking for clarification. At worse it creates a cloud over the validity and accuracy of anything else the authors of such documents may later state.

I honestly do not believe a corporation of the standing of Microsoft would be a willing party to this form of campaign or content.

Instead I believe it's likely the work of a third party acting interdependently, sadly in a manner they deem appropriate to win business.

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