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An Excellent View of the Peak of Loyalty

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What if the biggest fans of your brand are able to step outside the shopping experience simply because they follow their passions?

That’s exactly what The North Face offers to its customers when they give PeakPoints for every dollar spent—for sharing on social media like Facebook and participating in local sporting events like the San Francisco Endurance Challenge. They call it VIPeak Rewards and it is brilliant.

The members of the program get VIP access to experiential rewards like exclusive events, free trips, and updates from athletes, as well as the more traditional cash-back credit. Members get to choose the reward that they value the most.

This is out-of-the-box thinking by a retailer that knows its fans are passionate about the outdoors and involved in outdoor communities. There’s a synergy between brand and behavior that draws the fan closer and rewards the same things that advance The North Face’s corporate image and goals. VIPeak Rewards is a two-way street that gives The North Face a 360-degree view of their best customers. The view can’t get better than that.

Platform approach

Driving this program is the Loyalty Lab Reward SaaS platform. Loyalty Lab Reward is designed to improve the customer experience, retention, and fan advocacy. It solves the technology challenge of coordinating loyalty efforts across digital, retail, mobile, and social channels. Today’s best loyalty programs have all of these dimensions, and trying to organize and execute across multiple platforms and channels is frustrating and costly. Smart retailers are zeroing in on the unified platform as the best solution.

We should expect to see more approaches like VIPeak as retailers recognize the need to break out of traditional, one-dimensional or fragmented loyalty programs that clutter things with points and offers, yet don’t build a symbiotic relationship. Customer Loyalty Marketing (CLM) solves this—it is synonymous with unified platform, omni-channel, and an excellent, 360-degree view of the customer.

TIBCO Loyalty Lab VP Mark Elders said:

We pride ourselves in delivering programs that are convenient, valuable and can provide exclusive offers to our clients and their customers. We worked closely with The North Face to ensure VIPeak is not only a program that drives sales but also a program designed to encourage engagement with the brand outside of the shopping experience. Now North Face customers can be rewarded for getting the gear they need and getting outdoors to use it!”

For retailers passionate about their customers, and for customers passionate about their brands, The North Face VIPeak program provides an excellent example of what smart technology can enable.

Read Loyalty Lab’s North Face VIPeak press release here.

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