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The future of financial services in Europe

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Growing our European presence has been a major focus for Hearsay Social over the past few months, so you may have seen us at one of four leading financial services events hosted by WBR and Marketforce recently. With hundreds of senior executives present, these four events–NetFinance Europe, The Future of Retail Banking, The Future of Private Banking, and The Future of General Insurance–shared many common themes, including an intense focus on innovation, customer experience, and digital engagement.

Industry leaders from Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, UBS, Barclays, and other major financial firms discussed how their organizations were adapting to an ever-changing regulatory and economic landscape while examining strategies for success. Additionally, delegates talked about the latest digital developments in mobile, analytics, and social media.

From our own team, Chris Andrew (Managing Director, UK and Europe) and Peter Caryotis (Sales Director) presented on the value of social media and the evolving customer conversation alongside financial executives.

Here are a few highlights from the conferences:

  • Digital and social technology is changing the way customers communicate. Forward-looking organizations must adapt to this new landscape.
  • Social media is about enhancing human capital. Technology enables us to keep in touch with more people, so organizations with social media policies and processes will better be able to connect with customers individually and become truly client-centric.
  • Organizations should consider the huge opportunity in becoming a social business. 7 in 10 financial advisors are already using social networks for business purposes because social signals boost their productivity.

Chris presents on the 4 steps to social business success.

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