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The future of social media with Hearsay Social and Google at LeWeb’13 Paris

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Next week marks the 10th anniversary of LeWeb’13 Paris, one of the most important conferences in the world for technology and business. In honor of this special milestone, the event will be focused on imagining what “The Next 10 Years” will look like, as technology innovations continue to disrupt our personal lives and the way we work.

We’re especially excited for the event because our CEO Clara Shih will be sharing the stage with visionaries like Bradley Horowitz (VP of Product at Google, @elatable), Travis Kalanick (Co-founder and CEO of Uber, @travisk), and Phil Libin (CEO of Evernote, @plibin).

On day two of the conference, Clara and Patrick Salyer (CEO, Gigya) will specifically discuss the future of social media management platforms. Over the past decade, the market has progressed from social listening to basic broadcast tools, but today’s and tomorrow’s businesses must take the next step by establishing real relationships with customers over social media.

See info on the session below and the full LeWeb agenda here. We hope to see you in Paris!

SESSION: “The Future of Social Media Management Platforms”

WHERE: LeWeb’13 Paris – Eurosites Les Docks (how to get there)

WHEN: December 11 @ 16:45

WHO: Patrick Salyer (CEO, Gigya, @patricksalyer) and Clara Shih (Founder & CEO, Hearsay Social, @clarashih)

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