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Graffiti Artist Banksy Proves That Context Is Everything

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I don’t usually cover “the news” but great examples of content marketing don’t often make the news.

Earlier this week, famous street graffiti artist “Banksy” put up a booth in New York’s Central Park and offered up signed pieces of his sought-after artwork for $60 each.

In fact, he went hours without selling a single piece and then sold 2 for $60 total – or a 50% discount. Banksy’s art often sells for tens of thousands of dollars. And the BBC estimated these 2 pieces sold could be worth a total of $64,000.

What’s the point? That no matter how great a piece of content may be, context matters a lot in the way we perceive it and the value it holds.

Banksy's Naked Man

Source: Wikipedia

I also think it’s a brilliant display of the power of content marketing. I had heard about Banksy and even knew he was coming to New York. But giving away priceless art generated tremendous press coverage.

What do you think? Brilliant display of content marketing or just a satirical prank from a pretentious artist?

Banksy is spending the month of October in New York city. He is producing a new piece each day on his “Better Out Than In tour. His first work of the tour was the satirical “Graffiti is a crime” piece.

Banksy also showed that he is not just a prankster, following the Central Park art stand gimmick with this amazing tribute to the twin towers.

See the video of his Central Park art stand below.

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