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IBM Leads Forrester Wave: File Sync and Share Platforms

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Forrester just released a report citing IBM as a "Leader" in "The Forrester Wave: File Sync and Share Platforms, Q3 2013."  As an IBM employee I am proud of this significant recognition of IBM Connections 4.5's capabilities with IBM recognised as a leader in a hot space, emerging ahead of others like Microsoft and Google.What is even more satisfying is that Forrester has placed IBM ahead of some very hot startups, notably Dropbox and Box.netWhat this means is that IBM has to continue putting mobile at the forefront of everything. Clients need access to services and capabilities across all devices. Employees are no longer just sitting at a computer all day. Tablets and phones are now a regular part of daily business. And IBM will have to build and design to meet this need.Finally, design is not enough. The work IBM is doing to change the development process to a Cloud First, Continuous Delivery is so key. This is a generational shift in how IBM build's and delivers software. Anyway, here's the description of IBM's position as a "Leader" as per Forrester's report:“With the release of IBM Connections 4.5, IBM has pivoted its flagship enterprise social offering toward an enterprise social and document collaboration offering. The underlying document management capabilities are provided by IBM's FileNet architecture and will undoubtedly prove to be enterprise-ready in terms of functionality as well as scalability. For many, Connections will become an important document repository. In order to fully serve customer requirements, IBM has extended the capabilities to include sync and share, both in the on-premises Connections and in the IBM SmartCloud Connections. The offering is feature-rich and, of course, highly integrated. This approach presents a double-edged sword for many looking to provide sync and share to the needs of a broad enterprise.On one side, the approach naturally extends the social and document collaboration experience that IBM Connections customers have invested in beyond the firewall and to mobile devices. On the other side, the highly integrated nature of the offering makes it difficult to deploy to non-Connections users and difficult to leverage across disparate content sources. This offering is an obvious choice for companies with investments in Connections, but it may also be a draw for firms looking for an IBM stamp of approval on their document collaboration platform. “To download the report please visit the following site.
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