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Ideation Nation: The Top 10

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If you’ve visited Ideation Nation already, then you know that it’s filled with hundreds of creative and unique ideas for using technology to improve communities. The forum has been open for a couple of months to anyone – developer or not – to share their solution to any civic problem that they think technology can solve. For the past few weeks, participants have been voting for their favorite ideas from those chosen by a panel of civic experts, and at the end of this week the idea with the most votes will earn its creator $5,000 to make it a reality.

With just over three days left to vote for your favorite idea, we wanted to feature the top 10 vote-getters so far. They run the gamut of subject matter – from streetlights that run on a dimmer, to a one-stop-shop for all your outdoor recreational needs – and as you can see from the map above, the participants vying for the grand prize (and a free MindMixer site for their communities) are from all over the country:

Alyssa from San Francisco, Calif.: An integrated website that allows you to search for and discover outdoor recreational, camping and hiking opportunities within a given distance.

Brad from Bellevue, Neb.: Smart street lights that brighten whenever a vehicle or pedestrian approaches, conserving energy and keeping people safe.

Jeff from Hayward, Calif.: A website that allows residents to place pins on a map showing underutilized spaces, with the goal of eliciting ideas from neighbors on how to best use the space.

Valentina from Chicago, Ill.: An app and website that show the locations of recycling facilities in your community, along with information about what can be recycled and how.

Laura from Irvine, Calif.: A website that streamlines the zoning permit application process for residential and commercial builders by providing a common form for all uses.

Elizabeth from Baltimore, Md.: An app that connects residents with bikes with people visiting their community who want to rent their wheels for a while.

Josh from Ellensburg, Wash.: A social network that allows volunteers to create profiles, with the goal of connecting them with non-profits who need their help.

Rob from Los Angeles, Calif.: Make it possible to give the last remaining nickels and dimes on a gift card to charity by creating a website where people can donate the remainders.

Derek from Omaha, Neb.: Allow police to accept mobile payments for traffic violations and tickets by giving them the ability to swipe a credit card during a traffic stop.

Elizabeth from Baltimore, Md.: Put banquet halls and office buildings in touch with food pantries with an app that allows them to share and give away leftover food from events.

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