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Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders SlideShare Series

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We live in a very fast paced time, and I find it really hard to keep up with industry trends and hot topics on a day to day basis. You really have to set aside some time each week or month to educate yourself through articles, networking events or attending conferences. What if there were one place you could access some of the most telling and influential articles or quotes each month from Social Business thought leaders across the web? That's exactly what the Jive social team is doing - just for YOU!

We've been creating SlideShare decks to share these hard hitting articles, tweets or quotes with y'all along with links if you want to read on. We hope that this helps you stay up to date with the social business industry. Enjoy our latest SlideShare from this initiative -October Insights from Social Business Thought Leaders:

Travel back in time and see what thought leaders were saying during the following months and how social business as we know it has evolved. These create really interesting time capsule pieces...






Every month we will publish a similar SlideShare. For November, keep your eyes peeled for a special JiveWorld thought leader SlideShare.

Feel free to share with me any of the forward thinking social business content that came out of JiveWorld. Let me know how you think we can take these content pieces further or make them more helpful for you!

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