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Jive launch new SharePoint referral program

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It's been a busy week for Jive, the enterprise social business developer.  Firstly they announced StreamOnce, a new service aiming to make it easy to integrate third party software such as Gmail and DropBox into Jive.

And today they announced a referral program for partners of Microsoft SharePoint.  The program is being rolled out free to tens of thousands of SharePoint partners to allow them to tie Jive in with the SharePoint solutions they're already offering to customers.

The program will aid existing providers in attracting more customers even as Microsoft transitions from SharePoint to SharePoint Online and Office 360. 

Jive have unveiled much tighter integration with SharePoint in recent weeks, allowing users to integrate Jive with Microsoft Exchange as well as Outlook and Office.

With these new features, any Microsoft user or developer can access these business apps seamlessly within Jive in an integrated experience. This new experience is delivered through Jive's own technology and through the recent acquisition of StreamOnce.


"As Microsoft embarks on an aggressive transition from SharePoint to SharePoint Online and Yammer, business partners are expressing concerns about their ability to support customers and continue to grow their companies," said John F. Rizzo, chief marketing officer at Jive. "Through the Jive Referral Program, those partners now can use Jive and supercharge existing customer investments in SharePoint, and at the same time, provide business opportunities to move SharePoint deployments into the next generation."