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Make 50 Hours of Selling More Productive

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While the competition is basking in the sun this summer, you’ll be ahead of the game by attending ourB2B Sales Summer School Webcast Series! You’ll give your sales reps opportunities to win deals faster while leveraging investments in existing sales tools before your competitors even know what happened. Experts James Ninivaggi, Service Director of Sales Enablement Strategies at SiriusDecisions andJarrett OBrien, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Jive Software, will give you the secrets, tips, and know-how to close business and boost revenue. You’ll discover how leading organizations:


  • Increase sales per rep by 13% while decreasing turnover by 12%*
  • Transform the customer experience with in sync account management.
  • Increase win rate by 23% with a single hub for all deal activity.*
  • Enable sales teams to understand business issues and articulate the solution.
  • Get newly hired sales reps selling 23% faster, with 14% less sales support.*

* Verified by a top 3 consulting firm.

Attend one or all webcasts in the series. Either way, we are confident that you’ll get a ton out of this series that will catapult your sales ahead of the competition. The first webcast,Make 50 Hours of Selling More Productive, James Ninivaggi from SiriusDecisions will show you how to ensure that your sales team is making the most of those 50 hours.

Reserve your seat today!

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