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Monster Set of FREE Resources for Game Design

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I’ve been around the game development arena for so many years now that it actually hurts if i try to think back too far Open-mouthed smile, it’s always been as a hobbyist working on a string budget (and sometimes I couldn’t afford the string) so I always had to make best use of what I had and everything else, well, lets just say it’s been fun.

One thing that has piled up over the years is my massive collection of links to FREE (or nearly free) resources to help out those building games, some are assets, others are the best samples of free tutorials to either build your own or craft simple items in to much much more.

**Note – in the land of hunting for FREE do not think because it uses the word “free” that it has no restrictions, check the license (most just want attribution or mention). Be very aware of “Royalty Free” which only means it’s free to use AFTER you buy it

So without much todo and very little formatting here’s the first drop (so many links, takes time to go through them), all work (Checked as of 22 August 2013).

** Updated 19 September2013Books, Books and more booksToolsCollectionsGame Dev TutorialsMonoGame Tutorials & StuffMarketing TutorialsOther TutorialsBlender StuffAudio resourcesGeneratorsGet Help3D Model resources2D art,vectors and backgroundsIcon LibrariesFont ResourcesUnity StuffUnity TutorialsGame Engines and resourcesWindows PhoneWeb Stuff.NET stuffRandom PickingsClick this NOW!!

Now this is the merest fraction of links, resources and sites I got in my library all from only one search.  I’ll either add more to this list or do another post for specific things

Enjoy for now

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