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My life is not for sale

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I love the “Vlog Brothers”…Hank and John Green. John is my favorite author and Hank is just really smart. Hank talked recently about how companies get valued and the bidding wars for Tumblr and other social sites. It made me laugh because I knew exactly what he was saying.

He puts it this way:

And for Google and Microsoft and Yahoo and Apple and others to be engaged in a high-priced bidding war for the stuff that makes up my life is worrying. It worries me because big companies are run by smart people who are supposedly savvy and know what they’re doing. They seem to be imagining a future where it is extraordinarily value to be the lens through which I see the world. And the ways in which that becomes monetarily valuable freak me out. Weird that we’ve moved into this world where we value the platform on which things are built much more than we value the things that are built with them.

Green brings up interesting points about the value of social media platforms. I love Tumblr and was disappointed when I found out my father had an account. Tumblr is a platform of my generation and we feel invested in it. When Yahoo announced it bought Tumblr, I was upset again…in the words of my friends, “No one uses Yahoo unless you’re old.” Is my generation now for sale, too, just like the previous generation of college students who were ‘sold’ when Facebook became accessible to the world and then a public company?

I feel like I know something all of those wealthy and smart executives are missing. I know that there’ll be another platform after Tumblr that I’ll join because my father isn’t there and because it isn’t part of Yahoo. I’m too mobile to have value to a corporation. I’m a social gypsy and I go where I please. I’m not for sale. DFTBA.

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