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nooQ now on Microsoft BizSpark Plus Program

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We are absolutely delighted that we have been accepted onto the Microsoft BizSpark Plus program.

Being on the BizSpark program has been immediately cost effective for us, we have saved close to ten thousand pounds on development software, office and hosting Azure services. The amazing thing is that for the next two years we get up $60k of benefits from Azure hosting which will be fantastic not just for us, but also means we can use all the services available to offer our customers performance, reliability and security.

We were fortunate to graduate from one year an Entrepreneurial-Spark accelerator programme which was a huge benefit to us. We are extremely grateful to them and also Informatic Ventures in Edinburgh for nominating us to be accepted on the Microsoft BizSpark Plus program. Both these organizations do fantastic world class work in helping startups in Scotland and it is great to get benefits such as BizSpark Plus which is also offered to the top startup programs round the world such as TechStars, Seedcamp and Microsoft Ventures.

BizSpark_Startup 300 wide

nooQ is also a Microsoft Cloud Accelerate partner meaning that we can advise, recommend and provide your Cloud software needs, whether that be Office 365, Lync for instant messaging or Dynamics CRM.

We can also send you free trials for Office365, Lync and Dynamics CRM also.

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