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RovingBox is for storage what AirBnB is for hotels

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Crowdsourcing has made great strides in the past year in helping people cash in on their un-used assets.  Foremost amongst the industries seeing a shift has been in property.  AirBnB is the standard bearer, allowing millions of people to sofa surf at the property of complete strangers.

ShareDesk are attempting to do a similar thing for office rental, by allowing companies and property owners to rent out un-used office facilities.

The latest entrant into the market is RovingBox, who are going squarely after the storage market.  As you can imagine, rather than offering professional storage facilities, they are instead providing a marketplace whereby people can rent storage space from other people.  The site matches homeowners that have un-used storage space in garages, attics and the like, to people that need space to store their gear.

Founder of the site Zachary Price says the site aims to offer a more flexible service than the traditional storage market.

“RovingBox provides a great way for homeowners to earn passive income by simply renting out a corner of their garage to people who need storage space for their stuff,” Price said. “For the homeowner, it makes good financial sense, and renters benefit by having a storage space that is often more affordable and flexible than they’d otherwise get by signing a lease on a traditional storage unit.”

All users need to get started is a profile for their spare space, complete with the usual profile like features such as a photo, description, the rental price, house rules and so on.  Once two parties agree, RovingBox charges the renters credit card before depositing the payment into the homeowners bank account.

As with other such sites, ratings are offered to build a level of trust and reputation on the site, with customers encouraged to provide feedback on their experience.

“With the rise of the new ‘sharing economy,’ we saw that the self-storage industry could use a makeover,” Price said. “We are excited to help homeowners earn extra income, while providing renters with inexpensive and environmentally friendly storage options in their neighborhood.”

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Gradama Lucas replied on Tue, 2013/10/22 - 2:27am

 is it possible to have more informations about RovingBox,because we need probably to try it ! Price ? Thanks david from hotel lyon Métropole

John Lee replied on Tue, 2014/10/07 - 12:06pm

 This would be a great program (  ) for storage companies with bigger facilities.

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