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SharePoint, Yammer, and MicroBlogging in the Enterprise

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Hello All,

I was recently asked about Yammer and SharePoint integration by a customer and I got some information which I had sent them.  Just for a reference here is that info:

  1. Microsoft will be making announcements about the Cloud service it will provide for Yammer on 11/12/2012
  2. There is the possibility to have some integration between Yammer and on-premises SharePoint Farms, like Web Parts and Federated Search or sync of profiles from SharePoint to yammer please read the following for more information
  3. At the same time feel free to sign up for an account at

Then this morning as I was driving in it hit me that if you want on-prem Microblogging, look no further then SharePoint 2013 Newsfeeds, I believe that the SharePoint Product Group is positioning that as the MicroBlogging platform within the enterprise.  Some of the features that you will see:

  • Support for common microblog terms like @Mention or #Tags
  • Able to follow people or #Tags
  • Using various technologies it would be possible to create a phone app (Windows, IOS, or Droid) This would of course require that mysites are published to the internet.

We are already using this technology at Microsoft and I think it looks great.

Overview of microblog features, feeds, and the Distributed Cache service in SharePoint Server 2013

Configure microblogging in SharePoint Server 2013

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