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TFSPreview is Public - Check Out the Team Foundation Service Preview

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Brian Harry’s blog - Team Foundation Service Preview is public!

"Since we announced the Team Foundation Service Preview at the BUILD conference last year, we’ve limited the onboarding of new customers by requiring invitation codes to create accounts. The main reason for this has been to control the growth of the service to make sure it didn’t run away from us and end up with a bad user experience. In this time period, we’ve continued to work on our infrastructure, performance, scale, monitoring, management and, of course, some cool new features like cloud build. We now have enough experience under our belt that we are confident enough to open up the preview by removing the invitation codes.

The service will remain in “preview” for a while longer while we work through additional features like data portability, commercial terms, etc but the terms of service support production use, the service is reliable and we expect to carry all of your data forward into production. We have been using it for more and more of our own projects and have been watching pretty rapid community uptake. There’s no better time to check it out than now.

When you sign up for an account, you now get the screen on the left, rather than the one on the right, Notice that the Invitation code section is gone


Want a real TFS, with builds and everything, but don't want stand up your own server? TFSPreview.com is now available to the public. You've heard us chat about this on RadioTFS.com a number of times and now's your chance to play with it, free.


This isn't a CodePlex thing, but a real cloud hosted and optimized TFS...

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