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Transparency, Communicating Online and Why Social Business

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One of the more prominant podcasters I know is Jon Buscall. With over 100 podcasts under his belt and providing solid “how to” information on his website, you can say he is an authority on podcasting. Combine that with a worthy topic; “Online Marketing and Communications” (which is his profession) and you have quite the recipe.

This is a blog about Social Business, so why, I hear you ask, is ‘online marketing and communication’ so important. Well, this is something you’ll learn in the two podcasts below.

But, as to not leave you hanging. The point is that everything is converging more and more. In a couple of years, or maybe sooner, you cannot have one without the other. Having a social business is the only way to support your online activities, and your online activities drive your social business.

The Podcasts

The first ‘cast is with the unmatched Luis Suarez, a principal social business advocate at IBM and a real life example of how to live and breath social. Luis hasn’t used email for 6 years, for instance.

The second ‘cast is withyours truly. Jon approached me because of my eBook about why you need to be a social business.

Unbeknownst to Luis and I, Jon planned these two podcasts as episode 102 and 103 purely accidental, but they fit very well together. Creating a great and valuable piece of content. Something I simply have to share with you.


Click here to listen to “Transparency & Communicating Online”

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Click here to listen to “Why Social Business”

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