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We Love LinkedIn and So Do Our Customers

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At Bootstrap, we don’t just like LinkedIn we love it! Yes, over the last year or so we had our questions about how effective LinkedIn really was for B2B marketing; but, with all the updates and new features, LinkedIn has become the best social media channel for us. What’s there to love about LinkedIn? Here are our favorite three things:

We Love LinkedIn and So Do Our Customers

1.Company page status. The company status updates are a great tool in pushing out blogs, newsletters, campaigns, promotions, etc. Not only does it appear for whoever is “following” your company page homepage, but it also is visible to LinkedIn groups and any visitors to your page. Also, when you post a company status, you encourage your LinkedIn audience to interact with you.  We love any opportunities to directly interact with our audience.

2. Use of images. LinkedIn has now made it easy to use images. You can include company banners, attach images to company statuses, and easily include images with your blog link. Consistent use of your company images helps solidify brand awareness. Also, you can better attract an audience with color and graphics. No longer do other social media channels have this advantage over LinkedIn.

3. Group activity conversation notifications. The new notifications on LinkedIn not only now save you time and keep your organized, but also encourage real time conversations. Before this update, you had to check your email or manually go to each group you shared a post or joined a conversation to see if there was new activity. Now, as part of your dashboard tabs, you can see your notifications instantly. In real time you can see if anyone has liked or commented on a post, whether from a LinkedIn group or on the company’s page.


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