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Webinar: Join us for Ensuring Social Media Compliance in 2014

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Social media is a driving force that no industry can afford to ignore. As more and more of their clients go online, financial services firms are learning to leverage the power of social while maintaining compliance. But understanding and navigating the complexity of regulations is challenging and time-consuming.

Join us on Thursday, January 30th for our webinar, Ensuring Social Media Compliance in 2014. We’ll look at the latest compliance trends affecting the industry and take a deep dive into the supervisory process.

Yasmin Zarabi, Amy Socher, and Windy Lawrence

Yasmin Zarabi, Hearsay Social’s Head of Legal and Compliance, will be moderating the event. Amy Sochard, Senior Director of FINRA’s Advertising Regulations Department, and Windy Lawrence, Chief Compliance Officer, Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel at AXA Distributors, will join her to examine:

  • The latest industry regulations and new disclosure considerations
  • The preliminary results of FINRA’s 2013 spot check
  • The potential impact of mobile devices on compliance

The event takes place Thursday, January 30th at 10-11 am PT / 1-2 pm ET. Space is limited, so remember to save your space today. This will be your only chance to hear this lively discussion.

See you there!

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