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Which company workplace environment do you prefer?

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People and companies are questioning the value of social media and more specifically should it be used internally, for a more social way of collaborating within the enterprise.
Does our workplace environment suits the modern lifestyle?

How can we get more done in the workplace with less?

Should social media be banned at work?

Should we be using consumer social tools within the workplace? What is the return on investment? What is the benefit?

Are you content with how your teams get things done at the moment? Are you getting along just fine using email and shared folders and files.

For me to get teams and companies working more efficiently, is quite simple.
It is akin to people questioning how can you have a positive mindset when there is so many negative things in the world.
Well, a positive mindset, sure beats the alternative.

Similar with open communication platforms now making their way into the companies everywhere.

Why would you not?

Businesses mostly seek to avoid risk. Take a chance.

Innovation and change do not happen without risk. The risk of not changing and becoming stagnant is surely worse?

Look at the following list and state which alternative is better?

Agile or Bureaucracy?

Social Collaboration, What is the alternative?

How much ROI and benefit do you get from the column on the right?
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