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Why Companies Should Embrace Millenials

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Great video from TEDx above.

CEO of Hubspot, Brian Halligan, explains how HR is being transformed by the Millennial generation.  He draws a great comparison between the baby boomer, GenX, and Millenial generations—but the big point is that Millenials know how to get stuff done.  While many leaders often complain about Millennials demanding feedback and constantly needing new challenges, they are are also digital natives.  They’ve grown up with broadband and mobile, and they understand how how to truly take advantage of today’s technologies to communicate and collaborate with efficiency.

Their generation isn’t beholden to a dominant communication technology (telephones, TV, etc), but rather they are hyper aware of the fact that technology changes quickly.  It’s wrong to identify Millennials with a specific technology–instead it’s more accurate to say they know how to assimilate any technology–and put it to work for them.

Companies should embrace this.  Companies can cater to the millennials need for new challenges, and leverage technology to better collaborate together. And working with their Millennial workers companies can ultimately create a better place to work.

We at couldn’t agree more. In fact, this is the reason WHY we built  We have created a platform to promote better performance, better collaboration, better engagement, and happier workers across an organization.

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