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Wicket with Scala and CouchDB for Fast, Quality Web Apps

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Not widget.  Not cricket.  Wicket!  Bruno Borges gave a talk at ApacheCon NA 2011 on the integration of Wicket with Scala and CouchDB to create an architecture that will allow you to produce better small to medium-size web apps in less time and with fewer lines of code. 

Better apps?  Faster?  With less code?  What are you waiting for?  Click the link already!

If for some reason you're still on this page, why familiarize yourself with the technologies involved in the presentation with some quick summaries of the technology involved?  Quick.  You know, like the development of your small to medium-size web apps will be if you grab the audio.

So what is widget Wicket?  It's a Java web framework meant to bring simplicity and perfect distinction between presentation layer and server-side code.

CouchDB is one of the most straight-forward document-based NoSQL datastores, brought to you by your friends at Apache.

Scala is a functional, type-safe and object-oriented programming language on top of the Java Platform.

That's it.  Now check out the audio!



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