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Windows 8 Unleashed Events in SoCal

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Windows 8 Unleashed (via email)

Full Day of Hands On Programming, B.Y.O. Laptop! Windows 8 is is the single biggest opportunity for developers EVER! Come to a "Windows 8 Unleashed" event to kick-start your Windows 8 Metro Style development. "Windows 8 Unleashed" is a series of FREE events run by your local community friends and leaders, and are great whether you are an experienced .NET developer, or even if you are just getting started. We'll spend the morning of each Unleashed event in lecture and hands on labs. Half way through, you'll get a chance to take what you learned in the morning and compete in a hackathon with a chance to win some great prizes!   Build an App and Win Money and Prizes! Our sponsors have stepped up with some awesome prizes. Not only do you get a ton of information for FREE, but you have an opportunity to win some awesome stuff! You can't afford to miss this! (Full Agenda at the bottom of this page) "Day of" prizes will be awarded at each Unleashed event (sponsored by PDSA):
  • 1st Place: $500 Gift Card
  • 2nd Place: $200 Gift Card
  • 3rd Place: $100 Gift Card
"Best Overall App" Prizes will be awarded to the best app from ALL unleashed events:
  • $10,000 from ComponentArt
In addition all attendees will receive a FREE eBook from O'Reilly


Windows 8 Unleashed - Los Angeles


Required Software and Downloads

Please make sure to get the required software and downloads BEFORE coming to the event. You can find everything you need on the “Windows 8 Unleashed Installs” page.


Session I – Overview

  • Metro Style Apps Overview
  • Developing Metro Style Apps
  • Working with Controls
  • Implementing Navigation

Session II – Location and Data

  • Working with Location
  • Data Binding
  • Roaming
  • App Bar

Session III – Metro Principals

  • Live Tiles & Toast
  • Contracts
  • Full, Fill Snap and Portrait Views
  • Advertising


Windows 8 Unleashed 


Windows 8 Unleashed - Resources

Windows 8 Unleashed Resources

Windows 8 Unleashed events are run by the community for the community.  As part of the package organizers and speakers are given all the material they need to run an event.  From Train the Trainer videos, to custom hands-on-labs, to sample emails.  You will find all the material you need below.  It is separated by your role, Attendee, Organizer, Speaker but everything is available to all. They are listed as one link at the top, and individually below to help with download speed.

Use the following links to jump directly to your section:

Attendee Resources:

Please make sure to complete the required installs and downloads BEFORE attending your unleashed events.  Remember that unleashed events are FREE events put on by volunteers in your community.  Help them help you by making sure you have completed the required steps ahead of time.


That should be enough to get you registered or going for hosting your own, I think... :)

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