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Your website is the library and social media is the newsstand

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Most companies don’t understand how to manage their websites versus their social media content. And its a shame…they’re missing the great one-two punch of marketing. If you’re thinking of replacing your website with social media, stop.

If you think your website can be a collection of social media pages, you’re wrong.

Website advantages

Your website makes a great library for product information and has a higher level of credibility and control. From its site map to its navigation bar, it needs to be a reliable way to find detailed information and set the tone for the company’s offerings. It’s still the best way to capture analytics and improve your inbound marketing.

What it isn’t is the best place to show your company’s dynamic response to the market, show off in-the-moment thought leadership, or engage bidirectionally with your audience.

All three of those goals are squarely in the domain of social media.

Social media newsstand

Done well, social media is the ideal way to create a dynamic hub for information. Blogs, Twitter and other social feeds can dance circles around the stodgy nature of even the best content management-driven website.

While a website should stay updated in style and content, only a social media site can change its basic look often and call that a positive trait.

Keep in mind, too, that a social media site is be the place to be edgy, playful, and maybe even sarcastic and Websites don’t pull that off any of those three so well. Social media gets a flexibility and informality free pass that websites don’t. Expectations are different between the mature website and the adolescent social media platform.

The trick is to use websites and social media wisely as complementary tools that give your business much broader reach and effectiveness. That doesn’t mean silos of information, but it certainly means different cycles of change and very different mindsets.

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