DZone: Just F**kin’ kill it!

by rick on September 28, 2011

Everyone on the DZone team understands that without our awesome audience we are NOTHING! If you guys leave, then we lose – it’s that simple.

So, we take it super-seriously when we hear from over a hundred of you that you’re sick and tired of the “Top 10 Ways to Blah-blah-blah” links that have been invading DZone’s front page like a summer kudzu invasion in a Carolina meadow. It seems like there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it.

Well, don’t lose hope. We’ve been thinking and talking about this problem almost constantly at DZone HQ, and we believe we’ve got an answer that should make you happy and deliver you a much more personalized and useful DZone.

The solution was basically staring us in the face the whole time! If you don’t like a link then you should be able to just f**kin kill it without compunction. Our current “down vote” mechanism operates just like real-world politics – you vote, but it never seems to change anything! We’re sincerely sorry for causing you this frustration, and we’re going to give you a tool that let’s you see immediate results – the KILL button!

Once we get this implemented it’ll basically work like this. When you see a link you don’t like you can click the “Kill” button and choose to kill just that particular link, or all links with the same tags, or all links from the same domain or all links posted by the person who posted that link. If you don’t want to see any more links about “SEO” or links from “” or posted by the user “SmarmyGuy” then you’ll be able to slay them with a single click. Even better, the unwanted links will disappear before your very eyes, immediately.

We’re trying to make this a pleasant and creative, too. We hope to publish an animation API for creative “DZone link kill” animations, and we’ll send a nice DZone swag pack to anyone who submits a kill plugin we end up using. Imagine, you click kill, and the Grim Reaper comes out with his scythe and cuts it out of the page, or it just explodes, or it fizzles into a cloud and evaporates. Of course, if you’re the type that doesn’t want any time-wasting amusements, you will be able to turn these off. Don’t like the creative kill animations, then just f**kin kill them, too!

So, we’re asking for comments about this idea. Will the kill button help alleviate the pain of seeing miserable links such as “101 Idiotic Things to Do On Your Blog!” and “Top 10 Ways to Bore Yourself To Death.” We hope it will. What do you say?

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