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DZone Careers
DZone Careers

Current Job Openings

Content Team Member

Want to work for a company that values creativity, dedication and a strong work ethic? Feel at home in the forward-looking world of information technology and software development? Have a solid editorial background with professional experience researching, writing, copy editing and proofreading? Is your response an enthusiastic, "Yes!" to all of these questions? If so, then click here.

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UI/UX Designer-Developer

DZone seeks a creative, innovative UI/UX engineer to drive our migration to responsive design, mobile environments, and HTML5. The right candidate will be a strong advocate for simple, clear interfaces, committed above all to delivering standards-based web applications that captivate and delight our clients.

Minimum Experience Required: 2 years

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Software Engineer - Java Web Applications

DZone is looking for talented Java developers to join our small team and build the next generation of our Q&A platform, AnswerHub. You will be involved in all the technical discussions, drive new innovative ideas into the product, and make calls on what is feasible and what is not. We require everyone to be well-rounded and continuously learn new things.

Minimum Experience Required: 3 years

Telecommuting Positions Available

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Inside Sales

DZone is looking for the best sales people to help grow its Cary office! If you are a confident, high-energy individual with good communication skills and a desire to grow with one of the fastest growing companies in the South, this is the job for you! Come join the DZone family.

Minimum Experience Required: 1 year

Telecommuting Positions Available

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DZone Leadership

DZone has been an influential part of software development for years. Through our team's combined experience and knowledge, we've been able to achieve amazing results.

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Life at DZone

The DZone policy is simple: The door is always open and humor is never lost. Kick back, unbutton your collar, and take a minute to see what work should look like.

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What's in it for you?

All employees at DZone get to:

  • Sample a fully stocked snack bar
  • Drink beer on tap (as long as you're old enough!)
  • Work in a spacious, open office with a scenic balcony
  • Play Xbox, Air Hockey, or battle with our Nerf gun arsenal
  • Enjoy Friday cookouts


Our dynamite team of developers supports all the departments at DZone by building exciting new software, customizing existing software, and maintaining the DZone website.

This part of our team works hard to carefully and creatively express the branding and identity of our company and its partners.

Our editorial staff writes, edits and curates awesome content in order to grow the DZone website with engaging developer news.

Building and maintaining profitable relationships with clients, as well as ringing the DZone gong, are the key responsibilities of our sales force.