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DZone Leadership

Life at DZone

The DZone policy is simple: The door is always open and humor is never lost. Kick back, unbutton your collar, and take a minute to see what work should be like.

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What's in it for you?

All employees at DZone get to:

  • Work on Macs
  • Sample a fully stocked snack bar
  • Drink beer on tap (as long as you're old enough!)
  • Work in a spacious, open office with a scenic balcony
  • Play Xbox, Air Hockey, or battle with our Nerf gun arsenal
  • Enjoy Friday cookouts.


Our dynamite team of developers supports all the departments at DZone by building exciting new software, customizing existing software, and maintaining the DZone website.

This part of our team works hard to carefully and creatively express the branding and identity of our company and its partners.

Our editorial staff writes, edits and curates awesome content in order to grow the DZone website with engaging developer news.

Building and maintaining profitable relationships with clients, as well as ringing the DZone gong, are the key responsibilities of our sales force.
As a leading tech media publisher, DZone's success hinges on the efforts of a crack team of leaders committed to the excellence and growth of our company. Watch out, their Nerf guns are loaded.
rickrossRick Ross, CEO

Rick has been involved in the computer industry since first learning to program over 30 years ago. After founding Javalobby out of his New York City apartment, the community quickly grew to hundreds of thousands of members. Javalobby evolved into DZone in 2006, expanding focus to include all kinds of developer-related activity. Perfectly content with a cup of coffee and a good conversation, Rick always keeps an eye toward the future of software.

matthewMatthew Schmidt, President/CTO

Matt began working at DZone as an intern in 2001, and is now the President and CTO. Together, Rick and Matt have built tons of software, and their shared passion for development has contributed to the success of DZone. Matt also spearheaded the development of AnswerHub, DZone's newest social Q&A solution for enterprises.

brandonBrandon Nokes, V. P. of Operations

Brandon started at DZone in 2009 and is now V.P. of Operations. He handles everything from barbecuing brats on the deck to overseeing sales and production. With over 15 years sales experience, his sense of style has lent us one of the most dork-friendly offices around.

Now that you've met our fearless leaders, come see what we're looking for here at DZone.

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