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Yes, this is not a joke! In 5 years, all developers will code in the cloud. Not only will they code there, but also build, test, run, debug and deploy apps in the cloud. This is inevitable, although it does not seem obvious at the moment.

Posted by ivantsoft  |   Feb 21 2013 / 03:38

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mech replied ago:

Actually the IDE setup time is irrelevant for most projects. - A day vs. months? - Most developers will want to tune their IDE to meet their specific needs for a given project adding just the right plugins, etc. - In fact most developers dislike the idea of not being in full charge of their tooling... World-wide collaboration might be something relevant for open source projects, but working for paying customers usually benefits most from co-location anyway. Real pairing is the most efficient kind of collaboration. Putting your source into to cloud? - Ok for OS projects, not for commercial projects. Off-loading tasks to the cloud... well actually off-loading stuff to a high-performant continuous integration system it what you need - so again no need for a cloud IDE here, a virtualized CI environment (call it private cloud if you want) does just that. So where's the market for cloud IDE in commercial projects...? I don't see it, so I guess we'll have desktop IDEs in 5 years and most will use it, probably we have plugins for cloud-features, but not the way round...

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