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Published: Jun 15 2010 / 11:51

Many Java™ developers never think beyond the basics of JARs — only using them to bundle classes before shipping them off to the production servers. But a JAR is more than just a renamed ZIP file. Learn how to use Java Archive files at their fullest capacity, including tips for jarring Spring dependencies and configuration files.
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Peter Mularien replied ago:

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I have to confess that I didn't know about the wildcard classpath feature. Nice article, Ted!

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Dave Newton replied ago:

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I actually found it rather disappointing, as some things weren't really about jars, and the rest are well-known features :/ Not disappointed enough to vote it down, but I had kind of hoped for five things I didn't know about jars.

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madth3 replied ago:

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As mentioned, Point 4 is relatively recent and some people might've not heard about it.

Point 3 is not such a great idea IMHO. It obscures the dependency on some libraries and it can cause conflicts when a different version of the library is desired. Best to use the IDE's functionality to easily add large things like Spring and its dependencies.

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raveman replied ago:

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its just sad if you didnt know that, for me nothing new. really nothing :(

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