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There are tons of frameworks and libraries available for java developers for developing java based applications .

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Yurik Tyrant replied ago:

IntelliJ isn't a framework

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User 752119 avatar replied ago:

intelliJ is a IDE - Yurik is right . The apt title would have been Java Framework and tools ...

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Miloskov replied ago:

Where is Spring and Maven. Without those I will not use Java at all. Also people that use MVC with Spring MVC or Struts 2 for template FreeMarker is awesome. Where is Hibernate?. Intellij a Framework, what this guy is smoking?. Grails and Gradle is not used much in the industry. I dont see the best on it, there are better frameworks out there.

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wapgui replied ago:

JSF? You are kidding, right?

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jlprat replied ago:

As others said, IntelliJ is not a framework

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