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Sometime ago a user of the Quora site asked a question if there was a language war, which languages you support and why. Another user gave a very creative response comparing programming languages with characters of the Lord of the Rings story of JRR Tolkien. Read this article to understand why PHP or its fans should be compared with Hobbits.

Posted by mlemos  |   Feb 18 2013 / 07:50

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BrammarB replied ago:

If PHP is a Hobbit then it's a nasty Sackville-Baggins. Always stealing everyone else's silver spoons, fat, bloated and generally useless.

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mlemos replied ago:

hahaha, what exactly are the silver spoons that PHP has stollen? AFAIK, PHP only needed itself to succeed. PHP developers do not need to campaign against other languages. If other languages are not as popular for the Web, isn't it the fault of the creators of those other languages?

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