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By villane
Published: Sep 18 2012 / 09:16

Is Scala too complicated for widespread adoption, or is it that Devs who tinker around with things they don’t fully understand make Scala seem overly complex? In this 30-page report, we interview Scala creator Martin Odersky, supply detailed technical analysis on the pros and cons of Scala programming and incorporate commentary by Josh Suereth, author of “Scala in Depth”.
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Oliver White replied ago:

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Downvote with no comment? Pshaw I say. Show your cards, sir! ,

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infovation_Softwares replied ago:

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Losers, i never wrote one single Software in JAVA due to its VM origins but now that JVM has matured and a new great language has taken roots, these guys want only JAVA programers to move on to it, HAH, losers.

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villane replied ago:

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What makes you think that? We wrote this for Java programmers because that's whom we know well (i.e. we sell a product to Java/JVM programmers). If I wrote a similar piece intended for C++ or Lisp programmers, it probably wouldn't turn out very well. PS. If you want to move on to JVM/Scala, a course with Martin Odersky just started

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