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Adobe has fired back at Steve Jobs after the Apple boss allegedly attacked Adobe Flash for being "buggy" and referred to the Flashmakers as "lazy." "I can tell you that we don't ship Flash with any known crash bugs," Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch wrote today in a back-and-forth with commenters on an Adobe corporate blog, "and if there was such a widespread problem historically Flash could not have achieved its wide use today."

Posted by mswatcher  |   Feb 07 2010 / 14:42

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jriddler replied ago:

Ha! Adobe, Apple, and Google are doing a great job of advertising HTML 5. In turn, HTML 5 harbors the technology that will give rise to a new company that will kill them all. The browser is king!

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rv49649 replied ago:

"The browser is king!"

Which one? They all implement HTML and JavaScript differently. I have to switch between three different browsers in my daily use of the Internet because different sites won't work with my favorite browser, and in some cases they only work well with certain browsers.

Nothing has gotten any better in this department despite all the rhetoric of the ideologues the promulgate the "universerality" of web standards. HTML5 is off to no better start.

The Adobe Flex RIA applications my company builds for our customer base work well on all browsers because the Flash Player behaves consistently despite the user's preferred browser. This also applies across operating system, in that we support Windows, Mac, and Linux. HTML/JavaScript apps can't come anywhere near this achievement. They certainly don't come anywhere near the kind of Mac OS X like UI experience we deliver to our users via Flex RIA web apps.

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jriddler replied ago:

The W3C processes which define how browsers work are a democratic black hole for private companies like Adobe, Apple, and Google that are scheming to generate technologies that the masses become hopelessly locked into. All the W3C has to do is issue new standards periodically that turn all of the proprietary functionality into a "standard" usurped by browsers. This clears browsers of all plugins and third party dependencies, sets the functionality free for the masses, who then utilize it to spin off new technologies that become plugin warez which are later absorbed by the browser again and the cycle continues. No private enterprise will ever overcome the masses yearning to be free on the Internet. Apple is the private serpent closest to dissolving this web garden of eden through it's ploy of creating an increasingly closed platform (via iPhone, apple iPad approval-based apps concept).

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mrjohnson replied ago:

I have an Android. There's nobody preventing Adobe from releasing for it.

So, where's my Flash?

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pt93903 replied ago:

Adobe's CTO has been exposed as a liar. See this:

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