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The Stormpath Ruby SDK combines the good stuff you like in Devise and CanCan, sprinkles in LDAP integration, and hosts everything securely in the cloud so you don’t have to maintain it. The new release also has advanced performance features, and it makes building an advanced user infrastructure in Ruby very very easy.

Posted by bjensenSP  |   Aug 09 2013 / 14:09

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

Not just being contrary, but I don't understand the benefit of this SDK. What's so hard about user management in Rails? There are probably many good uses for the Stormpath product, I just can't think of them. Possibly a lack of imagination on my part, but I think I'll stick with using gems like Devise and Cancan.

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chunsaker replied ago:

Hi Ferris Claire, here from Stormpath. That's a totally fair question. Here's my (sunday morning pre-caffeine) thoughts. - The Stormpath SDK has both auth and access control, so instead of wrangling both Devise and CanCan and getting them to talk to each other, the SDK has it all in one gem. - Its a hosted service, so if you're doing anything where you might get hit with registration or login spikes and you don't want to deal with the server infrastructure, a high-availablity hosted service can be helpful. - Ruby and rails have a lot of good hacks for communicating with an LDAP server, but LDAP is built into Stormpath, so its cleaner and I think easier if you have to wrestle with existing user DBs. We will have some other integrations coming soon (Oauth, SAML, Active Directory), so Stormpath could easily centralize all your authentication across user stores. I agree there are great tools for basic auth and access control in Ruby and Rails, we're just hoping to make the harder stuff easier. Feel free to ping me with other questions!

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ferrisoxide replied ago:

Hi Claire. Full points for responding. I did a bit of research on your offering after posting and was quite impressed with the way you folks engage with the community. The Stormpath approach probably isn't for me - but I can see a lot of places where it may be useful (e.g. federated login across a number of applications). Changing to an 'up vote' if I can.

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